Avoiding Digital Camera Shakes

If ever you have seen a picture that is blurred, it is most probably because the camera was shaken while the picture was taken. With traditional photographic film cameras, it was evident only after the negatives and positives were made. However, with digital camera, the captured image can be seen immediately on the LCD screen, … Read more

A Guide To Purchase A Digital Camera

Photographic camera became a desired consumer item since it became handheld many years ago. As it became digital with no need for film processing, digital camera became even more popular and it is now considered one of the most wanted optical/electronic consumer products. However buying a digital camera may be a bit difficult due to … Read more

A Guide to Disposable Digital Cameras

Disposable Cameras (also called single-use cameras) first came on the market as film cameras. You would take the entire camera back where you bought it and they would crack it open, take out the film and process it, resulting in photos that were virtually indistinguishable from photos taken with a more conventional camera. Now, following … Read more

A Guide To Buying A Digital Camera Equipment

How to Buy Digital Camera Equipment There are so many digital cameras that it can be confusing trying to buy digital camera equipment. Here are some tips to help you decide which the best choice is for you and buy digital camera equipment that you will get the best results with: The first step before … Read more

A Beginners Guide To Choosing A Digital Camera

Digital photography is no longer a ‘new thing’. Digital photography has flourished of late and for good reason. Gone are the days when taking your holiday snaps required buying a film, taking pictures in the hope that at least half would develop and then tripping down top the processor after your holiday or sightseeing. Now … Read more